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Prison Bars - Bail Bonds in Lancaster, CA
A History Of Quality Service
Founded over 85 years ago now, we are a 4th generation family business here to help you in a way no corporation can, we are a real family looking to help your family. We know jail happens, and we have the experience, and the know-how to help you the way we've helped so many families before. To us, you are not just another person looking to spend money to get someone out of jail, we know you are family just like ours and we are here to help you, just as our founders were. While we are a small family owned business, we are big enough to be anywhere you need us, whenever you need us, but we are small enough to remain personable and helpful throughout the whole process. We are here to give you much needed advice, and not a sales pitch. If you would like a family matter like jail handled by a family who knows bail please call us now! We are, and always will be here to help.
We Treat You Like Family
We know how stressful jail can be for anyone. You certainly don’t need more stress from your bail bondsman, give us a call today and see why more people choose Herman Family Bail Bonds/Able-2-Help Bail Bonds than any other bail company. With all of our years of experience, we’ve seen it all and we know how important it is to treat our customers with respect and dignity. We really do treat you like family.

Family owned and operated, we are proud to be one of the oldest bail bond companies in California, serving many southern California areas for more than 60 years. We have the experience to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. Experience means know how the system works. We know all of the players in the system, including judges, law enforcement agents, and lawyers.
Bail Bond Agents located in: Banning, California, Joshua Tree, California, Victorville, California, San Bernardino, Riverside, Santa Clarita, Lancaster, Barstow, Bishop, Bridgeport, Indio! Call our toll free number to be connected with a bail bond agent that can help you fast, and cheap! Very low cost bail bonds available all over California.